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Apollo Pro Cleaning: The Meaning of Cleaning Apollo SymbolSpot Removal

Spot removal technique is more important than the cleaning chemicals used. Here are some important techniques:

• Gently scrape up solids with a spoon, working from the outside of the spot toward the center to prevent spreading.

• Blot the spotted area with a dry white towel or paper towels. Continue blotting the area by pressing firmly with a clean portion of the toweling until there is no further transfer from the spot. Then begin use of spot remover chemicals. NOTE: Do not scrub stains. Scrubbing action can damage the fabric and spread the stain. Use blotting action.

• Never soak upholstery. Over-wetting with cleaning solution or water will make effective cleaning difficult. Messy spills will spread, and soiled water will seep deep into the fabric, cushions and wood frame.

• Test for color fastness: Never pour cleaning solution directly on a spot or spill. Put solution on a white towel and in an inconspicuous area, apply with a blotting action to the upholstery before attempting to remove the spot. If color from the fabric transfers to the towel, do not attempt to remove the spot. Call a professional cleaner for help. Finding the color to be fast, continue blotting with the spotting solution as above.

As long as the color of the stain is transferring to the towel, you are "moving" the spot. Keep at it patiently. However, if the spill will not come out at all, do not persist. Trying many different chemicals might make it worse or create a permanent stain.
If you need help, call the Apollo Cleaning Hotline at 866-276-1418, as we have technicians certified in spot removal.

• Detergent: Mix one teaspoon of mild hand dishwashing detergent without hand conditioner into a cup of lukewarm water.

• Solvent: Use any commercial brand dry cleaning solvent commonly available in supermarkets or hardware stores. Do not use oily fingernail polish remover. For oil based paints, check label for specific thinners.

• Vinegar Solution: Mix one-third cup of white vinegar with two-thirds cup of water.

• Ammonia Solution: Mix one tablespoon of clean household ammonia with one-half cup of water.

Disclaimer: The methods, procedures and products presented for spot removal may not be applicable to all spotting situations. Every effort has been made to provide appropriate guidance and reliable information from respected industry leaders. Apollo assumes no responsibility or liability for errors, use or misuse of the information presented in these cleaning tips.

Procedure Sequences - Use these procedures only after as much of the material as possible has been removed by blotting or scooping up the excess.

A - Apply Solvent / Blot / Detergent / Blot / Water / Blot
B - Detergent / Blot / Ammonia / Blot / Detergent / Blot / Water / Blot
C - Detergent / Blot / Vinegar / Blot / Detergent / Blot / Water / Blot
D - Detergent / Blot / Ammonia / Blot / Vinegar / Blot / Detergent /Blot / Water / Blot
• E - Detergent / Blot / Ammonia / Blot / Water / Blot / Solvent / Blot
• F - Freeze with ice cube / Shatter with blunt object / vacuum out chips.
     - For Wax, use paper bag or paper towels over wax, iron with warm (not hot) iron to absorb wax
• G - Cool water / Blot / Ammonia / Blot / Detergent / Blot / Ammonia / Blot / Water / Blot
• H - Polish Remover (not oily) / Blot / Repeat
P - Contact Apollo at 866-276-1418

Beer, Liquor C Ice Cream D
Blood G Ink-Ballpoint A
Butter A Ink-Marking Pen A
Candy (Sugar) D Lipstick A
Catsup B Oil-Cooking A
Chewing Gum F Oil-Furniture A
Chocolate D Mascara A
Coffee C Mayonnaise B
Crayon A Merthiolate D
Egg B Milk D
Excrement B Nail Polish H
Food Color B Paint-Latex B
Fruit Juices D Paint-Oil Base A, P
Furniture Polish A Rust P
Furniture Polish   Shoe Polish-Liquid A, P
with Stain  A Shoe Polish-Paste A
Gravy D Soft Drinks D
Glue-   Tar A
Model Cement  H Tea C
Glue-White B Urine D or P
Hair Spray A Water Colors E
Hand Lotion A Wax Candle F
    Wine D


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