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Apollo Pro Cleaning: The Meaning of Cleaning Apollo SymbolCarpet Cleaning

What sets Apollo apart from other cleaning companies is our commitment to excellence.

Nothing cleans your carpet more thoroughly than the Apollo Cleaning method, known as hot water extraction. We combine the industry standard "steam cleaning" method with trained technicians and the latest in cleaning technology to give you the best possible carpet cleaning around.

Our revolutionary RX-20 rotary extractor takes carpet cleaning to the next level by cleaning all sides of the carpet fibers and restoring your carpet's resiliency.

The secret to "Apollo Clean" is our stringent step-by-step cleaning process. Upon arriving at your home or business, our technicians follow each of these steps to ensure the best cleaning possible.

Our methods are scientifically tested to give you the cleanest, most long-lasting results. Our service technicians are the best trained anywhere. And, as always, our work is backed by the 100% guaranteed Apollo Promise: "If any service we preform does not live up to your expectations, we'll make it right!"


The Steps to "Apollo Clean"

1) Inspect the carpet. Our technicians will evaluate your carpet's overall condition, level of soiling, preexisting problems and any potential issues that may arise from the cleaning process. During this essential step we provide you with our professional opinion with respect to your specific cleaning situation.

2) Thoroughly vacuum all areas to be cleaned. Vacuuming is such a vital part of the cleaning process we never assume it has been done.

3) Pre-spray carpet. We will spray all carpet to be cleaned with a high-quality cleaning solution that aids in the process of breaking down the soil and suspending it in water so that it can be extracted from the carpet.

4) Clean under and behind furniture using carpet wand. There is no additional charge to move furniture, though we will not normally move electronics or breakables. After cleaning under and behind your furniture, we will replace it on plastic tabs or foam blocks. This will prevent bleeding and aid the drying process.

5) Clean traffic lanes with a powerful rotary extractor called an RX-20. The RX-20 makes 650 passes per minute over your carpet, cleaning all sides of each fiber and restoring your carpet's resiliency. The self-powered RX-20 has a rotating head with 3 high pressure rinse jets and 5 vacuum ports.

6) Rinse Carpets with wand.

7) Apply Scotchgard and/or Pet Deodorizer. These are optional but highly recommended additional services. We always recommend adding Scotchgard to protect your carpet. It works by creating a stain barrier around the carpet fiber, allowing more soil to be lifted during regular vacuuming and reducing the likelihood of permanent staining (if treated properly within a reasonable amount of time). Though Scotchgard does not prevent stains from occurring, it does promote the beading up of liquids on the carpet surface, giving you time to address a spill before it becomes a permanent stain. Apollo's enzyme-based pet deodorizer is another highly recommended optional service, especially for those with pets or other strong odors.

8) Groom the carpet. We will use a rake or brush to groom your carpet, giving it a visually pleasing effect.


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