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Apollo Pro Cleaning: The Meaning of Cleaning Apollo SymbolA Message from the President of Apollo Pro Cleaning

Thank you for your interest in Apollo and Team ATG! We offer the finest cleaning chemicals, equipment and service available anywhere in the United States.Apollo's President, Anthony Mougianis

Established in 1987, Alexander the Great Distributing (Team ATG) has grown to a position of leadership within the acoustical and open ceiling cleaning and restoration industry. In addition, Apollo offers carpet cleaning and fire/water damage restoration service and products. Our personnel is available to assist you with questions and techniques for these areas, both commercial and residential. We feel that we have built this relationship on a foundation of trust, respect, and performance.

In a profession, credibility comes from consistently demonstrating preparedness, knowledge, expertise, and a genuine concern for the client's satisfaction. This is my desire for you!

Selecting a supplier or service contractor is much like choosing a business partner. You need a partner with a sound reputation and track record. We have been solving problems for hundreds of clients with cleaning needs since 1987. Our products and services are being used in over 500 locations nationwide.

As cleaners and suppliers, we have focused our research and development to give you the competitive edge. By applying our methods and techniques as well as our cleaning solutions and equipment, success can be yours. Our cleaning Team is trained with the latest cutting edge cleaning methods available, our equipment is state of the art and our desire to serve you is our number one goal!

We care about your future and will provide you with the best in client support and technical expertise in order to help make your business successful.

Our entire team eagerly waits to serve you!

My Best,

Anthony N.Mougianis
President / CEO
Team ATG / Apollo Professional Cleaning & Restoration

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